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Transport company Beslać Trans provides the following transport services: international freight transport, national or local transport, full truckload and less than truckload transport of goods.

Our own vehicles are used for the truck freight in international and national road transport. We own a large and diverse fleet with the latest generation vehicles (modern trucks of class EURO 5 and EURO 6) which enable us to provide our clients with all types of transport services and meet their requests.

Our fleet consists of trucks, solo trucks and smaller delivery vehicles. A wide range of vehicles within our fleet allows us to provide our clients with a safe door-to-door transportation.

International freight transport, trucking, collective transport, freight forwarding, warehousing and logistics are the main activities that our transport company has been performing very successfully for many years.

High professionalism of our employees, as well as the long-term experience, reliability and quality of our services, classify us as the leaders of the transport companies not only in Belgrade, but in Serbia as well. We are distinguished by our professionalism, responsibility, speed and quality in providing transport services.

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Truck transport of cargo every day

Full Truckload

Our transport company offers you a full truckload and less than truckload. We provide full truckload using our own vehicles, and in addition to the standard trucking on palettes, we transport all other types of goods. We own a large number of trucks that can satisfy all your needs regarding the full truckload.

What is a full truckload?

Full truckload is an option when one truck is loaded only with your shipment. Full truckload is for a client who wants a full truck load only to one recipient.

Full truckload is in most cases more expensive than the other types of transport, but it is more efficient. The transport time is significantly reduced since the shipment is not unloaded prior to the final destination which justifies slightly higher cost of transporting the goods.

Full truckload is used in most cases by larger companies sending large quantities of goods in one direction and are able to pay higher shipping cost for faster delivery.

The abbreviation FTL is used for Full Truck Load or complete truckload in road transport.

We have an extensive experience in transporting all kinds of goods, such as bulk loading, excise goods, vehicles, transport of ADR hazardous materials (trucks are equipped with all the prescribed equipment), hazardous and non-hazardous waste, transport of goods which require certificates (radiological, phytosanitary, veterinary, etc.)

Collective transport

Collective transport represents a type of international transport where the goods of several clients are shipped together in the same vehicle. The goods are collected on their way from more clients in smaller quantities and the goods are imported or exported. This type of transport is used more frequently, since it enables lower transport costs for individual clients.

What is a collective transport?

The expression collective transport is taken from the rail transport, but has spread over time to other modes of transport. Collective transport is a collection of several clients’ shipments, which are collected by the freight forwarder and sent by one truck in order to reduce the cost of transporting goods and it is the best option for sending small shipments.

Collective transport implies shipments which do not occupy the full space of the semi-trailer truck. Freight forwarder collects smaller shipments and sends them to the destination, along with the other goods, in one truck. In collective transport, regular lines are used which take over shipments from collective warehouses. Trucks transport the goods to the collective warehouses at the end of the route, from which they are further distributed by using smaller vehicles.

During the collective transport a document is issued which is called a bordero. Bordero contains data about all the shipments which are inside the truck performing a less than truckload.

Collective transport offers advantage to all the users of this service. A customer using our LTL services gets more efficient and cheaper transport. A freight forwarder and a transport company get better use of warehouse space and the cargo space in a vehicle, which leads to the reduction of the overall transport costs and the increase in productivity.

There are a lot of terms which are being used for the less-than-truckload, but most commonly the following are used:

  • LTL (less then truckload) collective transport in trucks
  • LCL (less than containerload) for transport in containers on ships or trains.

This mode of transport does not lag behind in its quality and speed for complete transport and offers clients lower prices for transport services due to space savings in vehicles.

The price of the collective transport is significantly lower, since the total transport cost is split up among the clients participating in it, thus providing great savings in money. The prices of collective transport can be many times lower, and the quality and speed is the same as with the Full truckload.

Transport services

Domaći transport

National traffic

In the national traffic, a transport of goods is performed in all kinds of freight vehicles with the load bearing capacity from 900kg to 24t. We offer our clients the possibility of distribution of goods from the customs clearance to the end user.

Our transport company operates everyday routes Belgrade – Novi Sad, Belgrade – Čačak and Belgrade – Niš. Through these routes we cover most of the destinations in our country.

International transport

Our transport company carries out international transport of goods on the route Serbia – Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Serbia, as well as further distribution of goods to all destinations in Europe and locally in Serbia.

For many years, our company has been providing daily international freight transport services between Serbia – Croatia – Slovenia – Serbia.

kamioni za međunarodni transport

Please note that our transport service company Beslać Trans possesses all the necessary permits, certificates and licenses for performing transport abroad (CEMT, individual, annual), CMR insurance for the transportation of goods by truck in international road traffic.

Insurance of goods in international transport

All the goods transported by the transport company Beslać Trans, internationally or nationally, are insured from the moment when they are taken over to the moment of delivery and unloading at the agreed location.

The insurance of goods in international transport implies the insurance of goods against possible damage resulting from transport, no matter if it included actions or lack of actions of a driver, or responsible people or other persons involved in the transportation and manipulation of goods.

Shall the need arise, at a client’s request, the goods could be additionally insured for the international transport. If a client needs expanded insurance of goods in the international transport, this should be mentioned when arranging transport services, no later than until the completion of all the necessary paper work for the transport.

Additional services we offer

Additional services when arranging international transport of goods may be:

  • Obtained documentation control
  • Customs clearance of goods and completing all the customs procedure
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Preparation and loading of goods for the international transport
  • GPS tracking of goods
  • Local distribution of goods after international transport

We offer our clients the opportunity to leave all their care about preparing the necessary documentation and transporting goods in international traffic to us. If necessary, GPS tracking for the goods being transported in our vehicles is provided. Moreover, all drivers are available at all times via mobile phones.

Business partners

When it comes to the international road freight transport, the Beslać Trans transport company has become a synonym of the transport services quality in Belgrade and Serbia as well as in the region. This is supported by the list of all companies with which our transport company has been successfully cooperating for more than twenty years.

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