Beslać trans Batajnica, Beograd

At the beginning of 2000s, more precisely 27.10.2005, a transport company Beslać Trans was founded and the company soon became one of the leading transport companies in Serbia. Regardless of the growth of the company and the expansion of business outside the boundaries of our country, the main postulates of our transport business remain the same, which is providing speed, accuracy and professionalism.

Our transport company employs dispatchers and drivers with years of experience in transportation and organization of internal and external transport of goods. The employees of Beslać Trans carry out their work professionally and responsibly, learn about the latest trends in the organization of transport in order to keep up with the trends in Europe.

Beslać Trans ltd. owns a large number of trucks and vans with EUR 5 and 6 standard and performs transport services in our country as well as in the surrounding countries and Europe. We are proud to say that from a small family business we have become a company that is taking big steps forward, which are preceded by a lot of serious work and the high quality of services and this is supported by a large number of business partners we have been cooperating with for a number of years.

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