Transport company Beslać Trans ltd transports all kinds of goods throughout Serbia. Goods are transported with all types of vehicles with a load bearing capacity of 900 kg to 24t. We offer transport services for all types of goods, whether it is on pallets or commercial, by vans, solo trucks or semi-trailer trucks as a full truckload or less than truckload.

Due to our diverse fleet, we are able to meet our client’s needs and organize national transport of cargo on the territory of Serbia in a way that suits them the most. Clients can choose full truckload or less than truckload depending on their requirements. We advise you to call us prior to making a decision and consult our employees about all the transport details in order to find the most efficient and economical way of transport to the end user.

If the emphasis is on the cost of transport, the client is given the possibility of choosing less than truckload, where only a part of the loading space is paid for hence achieving significant savings on the transport price to the end user.

If a client requires full truckload transport, we have provided solo trucks which are used to transport only their own goods to the desired destination. The goods being transported are under constant supervision and their status is constantly controlled.

Whatever mode of transport you choose, our company will respond to your request as soon as possible, transporting your goods safely, quickly and professionally.

Taking into consideration all of the aforementioned Beslać Trans represents a true choice for you when it comes to national transport and makes us a reliable partner to our clients.

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